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Upcoming Telly Awards Screening Event in LA

You’re Invited! The Telly Awards are coming to Los Angeles and they want to meet you! In partnership with Stept Studios, the Telly Awards is hosting an in-person screening event at Vault Rentals on February 22nd, 2022!

The screening will showcase a collection of inspirational work from past winners, judges and partners, including Sony Music, The New York Times, Nice Shoes, among others. This event is a great opportunity to meet fellow Telly entrants, expand your network and be inspired to conquer your creative goals with A New PoV in the new year!

Space is limited! RSVP today to reserve your spot at the first Telly Awards screening event of 2022!

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Sight, Sound & Story on March 2nd

Sight Sound & Story: Live: SoundShow: Creating a New Sound Universe for “Wheel of Time”

Moderator: Woody Woodhall, CAS (Studio Principal of Allied Post Audio)

Panelists: Sound Designer Luke Gentry (Aladdin, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard), Sound Designer Ben Meechan (Last Night In Soho), & Supervising Sound Editor Matt Skelding (Black Mirror)

Inside Episode XVIII: Sound is one of the most important elements in film and can be used to elevate a performance, evoke emotions, and make fantasy worlds come alive.  Join Emmy-winning Supervising Sound Editor Matt Skelding (Black Mirror), and Sound Designers Luke Gentry (Aladdin, Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard) & Ben Meechan (Last Night In Soho) as they discuss their incredible sound work on Amazon’s new fantasy series The Wheel of Time.  The conversation will be guided by moderator Woody Woodhall, CAS (Studio Principal of Allied Post Audio), who will discuss with the team how they created the otherworldly ambiance, and bold, unique sound identity for The Wheel of Time.  They will also discuss how they collaborated with the showrunners and how they had the freedom to try new things while also sticking with the integrity of the book series the show is based on.  Throughout the discussion we will see and hear examples of their extraordinary work in this series.

When: Wednesday March 2, 2022
Time: 8PM EST / 5PM PST
General Admission:  FREE!


ZEISS Supreme Primes Work Day and Night for Plan B

Cinematographer Sandra Valde-Hansen on Large Format

Cinematographer Sandra Valde-Hansen (The L Word: Generation Q, Now Apocalypse, White Bird in a Blizzard, Kaboom) found herself capturing scenes in diverse weather and lighting for Natalie Morales’ film Plan B. This road movie, now streaming on Hulu, follows a pair of teenaged friends during a day-and-night search for emergency contraception. To support the production design filled with rich night exteriors, Valde-Hansen chose ZEISS Supreme Primes to shoot large format at wide apertures on the Sony Venice camera.

Cinematographer Sandra Valde-Hansen

When the pandemic hit, production was forced to abandon their plan to photograph the story in snowy weather. “So, we embraced the warm tones of fall,” Valde-Hansen says. “The golds, ambers, and reds. We discussed wanting to capture the visual intimacy of teen films made of the ’70s, like Battle of the Sexes, in which Natalie was an actor, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” But they were not going for retro, they wanted Plan B to have an overall clean and modern look to go with the contemporary story.

Anamorphic lenses, Valde-Hansen notes, might have been a natural choice for an approach rooted in decades past, “but one of the discussions I had with Natalie was based on recent testing with anamorphics for The L Word: Generation Q. For that show my co-DP, Moira Morel, and I had tested numerous anamorphic sets. We found that they weren’t fast, really fell apart when shooting wide open, and concluded that the falloff in sharpness on the sides would not work for the show’s aesthetic.”

Valde-Hansen evaluated her options. “I thought, OK, what did we want out of an anamorphic? We wanted intimacy, natural perspective, natural magnification, and very shallow depth of field. We wanted to be able to see the world these girls live in, and to go out into that world, but we also wanted it to be very intimate. Once it was clear anamorphic presented challenges, I started looking into large format.”

She had to pack her film tests into a weekend. “That’s when I was able to test the 2500 ASA on the Sony Venice plus the T1.5 on the ZEISS Supreme Primes. I was absolutely blown away by the combination. The lenses were beautiful. They were very clean. I proposed to Natalie that the pros of anamorphic matched the pros of large format, while the cons of anamorphic were not present in large format. She was all for it.”

Fall in Syracuse leads to early evenings and unreliable weather, issues Valde-Hansen encountered during a scene in a playground over the course of two nights. “It was cold, it rained, it snowed— our time was heavily truncated because of the weather. It was crazy, we had to light quickly—but the speed of the Supreme Primes helped us overcome some of the issues and keep on schedule.”

Equipment choices, Valde-Hansen says, proved critical. “Ultimately, it is an indie film so we couldn’t just get big lights when we needed them, we had to be stay on budget.” More importantly, she says director Natalie Morales wanted to avoid extensive lighting for night exteriors, preferring deep blacks that other lenses with poor contrast might have compromised. “She was OK with things falling into blackness. We strongly agreed that when it’s night it should be night.”

Valde-Hansen appreciated the authenticity that the Primes brought to sequences like this. “One thing about the Supremes that I absolutely love…they create such a naturalistic look without compromise to sharpness or contrast. This really allowed us to keep that naturalism throughout the film. All together, seeing how beautiful the Sony Venice is at 2500, and how clean the Supremes look at f/1.5, I knew I’d made the right decision.”

For this road movie’s numerous tight car interior buddy-shots Sandra often opted for the Sony Rialto Camera Extension system with the Supreme Primes.

With Plan B successfully concluded, Valde-Hansen moved onto to the second season of The L Word: Generation Q (streaming on Showtime) with the same camera/lens combination. “I’ve been working with the Venice and Supreme Primes for a year and a half now, and I’m really impressed. Using these lenses with amazing color rendition, great skin tones, nice fall off, no lens distortion, and consistency all the way through, is just wonderful.”

Visit for the ZEISS Lenspire interview.

OWC Named as TechRadar Pro Picks Award Winner at CES 2022

Tech leader wins TechRadar Pro Picks Award for OWC Atlas Series Media Cards

OWC®, the premier zero-emissions Mac and PC technology company, and a respected provider of Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC Docking Solutions, Network Attached Storage, and Performance Upgrade Kits, announces winning the TechRadar Pro Picks Award for the OWC Atlas Series Media Cards and Readers.

TechRadar Pro announced the winners of this year’s Picks Awards, the brands’ annual program honoring the best and most influential consumer technology that was at CES 2022 or introduced in 2021. The staff selected winners based on their expected impact on the Consumer Electronics and Retail industries.

OWC Atlas S Pro™
OWC flash storage solutions are run through intensive performance testing so creative professionals can depend on real-world speeds in their workflows. Truthfully listing Atlas S Pro cards for reliable performance up to 276MB/s write and 290MB/s read speeds defines our commitment to the “OWC Difference,” which ensures you’ll be completely satisfied these SD UHS-II V90 cards will deliver the performance you are counting on.

OWC Atlas Pro™ and Atlas Pro™ Ultra
The OWC Atlas Pro and Atlas Pro™ Ultra CFexpress Type B memory cards are rugged and OWC Beyond Fast™. They’re ideal for professional photographers, videographers, and content creators who need to capture every crucial moment at confidently one-time events like sports, weddings, and concerts.

Sized similarly to a debit card, the OWC Atlas FXR is the smallest Thunderbolt CFexpress card reader. It allows you to transfer video footage and photos on location, studio, or the edit suite to virtually any Thunderbolt or USB port-equipped computer or tablet at over 1500MB/s speed. Nearly 7x smaller than other Thunderbolt CFX readers, bus-powered Atlas FXR easily fits into the smallest camera bag, so you can pack more accessories to help capture amazing content.

You can purchase the Atlas S Pro media cards in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities, starting at $49. As for the OWC Atlas Pro CFexpress, you can purchase it in 2022in 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities in early Q2 this year. The OWC Atlas Pro Ultra CFexpress will also release in early Q2 2022 in 320GB and 640GB capacities. Lastly, the OWC Atlas FXR will release in early 2022. OWC will announce the pricing later.

“We are honored to have our Atlas Series Media Cards & readers recognized with the TechRadar Pro Picks Award at CES 2022,” said Larry O’Connor, CEO and Founder of OWC. “We believe we have an incredibly talented team at OWC and are devoted to developing the fastest and most innovative products for consumer and professional markets. To receive this recognition is a win for the entire team. We are truly grateful to TechRadar Pro for this acknowledgment.”

Blackmagic Collective’s Kick Off Event with Markus Forderer, ASC

Join our friends at Blackmagic Collective for their 2022 kick-off event, a Q&A with cinematographer Markus Forderer, ASC! They’ll be giving away a BMD camera, so RSVP today!

Register here:

About this event
Markus Forderer, ASC, most recently the cinematographer Netflix’s Red Notice, joins us for a conversation on film craft. We’ll chat everything from communicating with the director to covering action scenes to choosing a visual style. Ask your questions live!

They’ll give way a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K to one of our live attendees, which also comes with a seat of DaVinci Resolve Studio (value is $1,295). Must be a member to win (free to join).

To learn more about Blackmagic Collective and everything they offer and sign up for FREE visit

ZEISS Cinema Americas Spotlights Film Festival Week

Starts January 21, 2022 with Cinematographer's Roundtable

ZEISS will kick off their 2022 virtual Film Festival Week on Friday, January 21 with an in-depth roundtable featuring six cinematographers—each with a project screening at the Park City festival. Guest cinematographers and their selected films include: Melinda James, Work; Charlotte Hornsby, Master; Alex Disenhof, ASC, Alice; Andrew Wheeler, God’s Country; Jordan Parrott, Chaperone, and Wyatt Garfield, Resurrection.

Moderator Snehal Patel will talk to the filmmakers about their selected films’ including workflow, creative choices and more, followed by a lively Q&A with the audience. The free event will be held at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST.

ZEISS Film Festival Week continues Tuesday, January 25 (12 pm PST/3 pm EST) with featured guest cinematographer, Matthew Chuang, ACS. The artist’s captivating immersion into the horror genre with You Won’t Be Alone, (Focus Pictures) will make its world-premiere at Sundance 2022. Known for exquisitely crafted features, music videos and award-winning commercials, Chaung will cover creative choices and technical solutions for the new entry as well as previous works including The Babadook and The Nightingale. Also on the agenda is his collaboration with director Allen Hughes on the five-part FX Network and Disney documentary series Outlaw: The Saga of Afeni and Tupac Shakur, scheduled for spring release.

Tony Wisniewski, ZEISS Senior Manager of Marketing, adds “Although most years we are on the ground in full support of the Park City worldwide event, we are enthusiastic about this year’s Film Festival Week. Now the audience can enjoy virtual festival closeups with cinematographers who speak candidly about their projects which are honored official selections of the Park City festival.”

ZEISS Film Festival Week is free of charge.

To register for the January 21 Cinematographers Roundtable visit:

To register for the Matthew Chaung event visit:

From 2020 Panel: Moderator Snehal Patel, Local 600 DP Eric Branco, and The Forty-Year-Old Version's Writer/Director Radha Blank

Cinematographer Philip Grossman Uplevels Video Conferencing Quality with AJA U-TAP

From Microsoft Teams to Zoom, the use of video conferencing platforms has seen unprecedented growth in the last two years, with more in-person meetings abandoned in favor of virtual ones. This shift has impacted nearly every industry, including media and entertainment (M&E). It’s also challenged creatives like Adventure Cinematographer Philip Grossman to rethink their approaches to production planning, collaboration, and content review. Equal parts media industry stalwart, TV technology and film specialist, explorer, and educator, Grossman refused to compromise video quality in this new norm and opted to ditch his traditional webcam. Instead, he harnessed his video expertise to create an economical, top-notch setup that supports nearly any video conferencing platform. It comprises a RED digital cinema camera, AJA U-TAP SDI (a USB 3.0 3G-SDI capture device), plus a recorder, lighting, and a practical backdrop.

“Given all the changes in the M&E industry over the last two years, there’s now a bit of an unwritten rule in terms of your video conferencing quality. Just as an attorney wouldn’t walk into a courtroom in sweatpants, you can’t join a video meeting with a low-quality video feed,” shared Grossman. “U-TAP has been great in this respect; it allows me to use the gear I use every day for cinematography jobs to pull off a high-quality HD feed easily and at a low cost. Since the start of the pandemic, it’s become an essential piece of kit.” 

For most video conferences, Grossman uses a RED DIGITAL Cinema DSMC2 with HELIUM (8K) to capture himself on-camera. The feed is then output to the U-TAP SDI and into his MacBook Pro, plus pass through into a recorder. For live switching content or working with multiple feeds, he’ll reverse the steps. Camera outputs are run through his recorder, live switched, and the switched feed is then output to U-TAP for webcasting from a laptop or desktop.

Grossman harnesses the workflow to support video conferencing needs wherever he goes, including a recent urban exploration trek overseas, which included stops in Hungary, Albania, Croatia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Northern/Southern Italy. In the past, he’s also spent time in Chernobyl, as well as barren parts of the former Soviet Union, tracking down abandoned science/engineering-related sites. “A lot of what I try to do is document history and share it with the world,” he said. “Travel and exploration are a passion, but I also love how my job allows me to collaborate with a bunch of different hardware and software manufacturers, and in turn help influence technological evolution.”

Grossman carefully sources every tool he uses in the field. In addition to his video conferencing gear, he also carries a GoPro 10 with him on every adventure, with all his gear fitting nicely in a travel backpack. “You have to find the tools that best suit your needs, and for me, that translates to functionality, durability, and ergonomics. I went with U-TAP, in part, because I’ve used AJA products for years and they’re durable,” he added. “They also have a legacy of giving professionals the swiss army knife toolset required to handle any format you encounter on the job. U-TAP allows me to turn a very high-end camera output into a webcam feed, so that my live output looks more professional; from the moment I opened it, I was impressed by how easy it was to get up and running. I literally just plug in the U-TAP and my computer recognizes the signal over the USB connection without the need for third-party drivers.”

Although Grossman underscores the importance of video in conferencing, he constantly reminds others in the field to not underestimate the importance of audio and lighting. He concluded, “A good mic and an overhead light as well as two small color LED lights can go a long way in shaping your webcasting look without breaking the bank. The secret to a good feed lies in a decent mic, lighting, practical backdrop, a good camera, a recorder, and a device like U-TAP.” 

About AJA U-TAP 
AJA U-TAP devices are 3G-SDI or HDMI USB 3.0 capture solutions that bring professional connectivity and high-quality video capture to laptops and workstations. A bus-powered device with the ability to simply and easily bring in video across 3G-SDI or HDMI for use within a wide range of software without any drivers to install, U-TAP is supported directly in macOS®, Windows® and Linux®. and


When Mary Plummer was demoing at LAPPG last month, “The Power of Fairlight in DaVinci Resolve 17”, she mentioned new training videos were on the way. We’re excited to let you know they are here!

Developed with the help of DaVinci Resolve certified trainers, this seven part series will provide you with the skills you need to edit, mix, record, repair and deliver outstanding audio for your next project. It includes:

1. Introduction to Audio 
This video provides you with an introduction to the Fairlight page before teaching the craft of dialogue editing. You’ll learn how to navigate the Fairlight interface, manage media, change track levels, edit dialogue, balance clip levels and even how to repair dialogue with plugins! 

2. Introduction to Sound Design
Discover the art of sound design and sound effects. You’ll learn how to control clip and track levels, create a spotting list for sound effects and design with markers, sync sound effects in the timeline, use the Sound Library to manage sound effects and even add effects such as reverb and EQ limiting to add depth and dimension to sound!

3. Introduction to Mixing
This video guides you through the critical step of mixing audio. We’ll show you how to pan tracks, sweeten audio with equalization and dynamics, work with buses, add automation to the mix, and finally bounce, mix and pan finished tracks for delivery!

4. Recording VO and ADR
Discover how to record a simple voiceover track and re-record dialogue with automatic dialogue replacement (ADR). You’ll learn how to set up a microphone, patch the microphone input to a track, arm the track and start recording!

5. Working with Audio Track Layers
Learn how to work with audio track layers which are a powerful tool for editing multiple takes together to realize the best performance. You’ll learn how to split and edit together the best takes in a scratch voiceover track and then you’ll use audio track layers to create crossfades between music clips in the same track!

6. Channel Mapping and Linked Groups
Learn how to properly set up your clips and timelines for successful multichannel audio editing through the correct use of channel mapping and linked groups. 

7. Dolby Atmos Integration
In the final video, you’ll work with a professionally produced Dolby Atmos demo project and explore the powerful features built right into the Fairlight page. Then you’ll work with the Fairlight immersive tools to visualize the panning and placement of objects in the surround sound space and create your own Dolby Atmos mix!

To get the most out of these videos, and to follow along with the lessons shown, please download the example project and media from The latest version of DaVinci Resolve 17 can be downloaded for free from

Watch all DaVinci Resolve 17 Fairlight training videos now at


OWC®, the premier zero-emissions Mac and PC technology company, and a respected provider of Memory, External Drives, SSDs, Mac & PC Docking Solutions, Network Attached Storage, and Performance Upgrade Kits, announces the OWC Atlas Pro series of high-performance media cards and reader. Like the Atlas rockets that powered the historic Mercury human spaceflights into full orbit, the OWC Atlas series will launch your creative capabilities into another world.

OWC has been safely protecting Mac and PC users’ data with high-performance storage solutions since 1988. Drawing on our experience as a leading developer of flash storage since 2010, we’ve engineered OWC Atlas Pro media cards with advanced performance and data management technologies to maximize the capabilities of your DSLR, mirrorless, and video camera. The OWC Atlas Pro cards let you go from shooting to transferring RAW images and up to 8K video footage to your computer with the highest workflow efficiency. Whether you’re an aspiring social media influencer, visual arts hobbyist, drone pilot, or accomplished creative professional, you can trust the OWC Atlas Pro media cards with your irreplaceable shots.

Pricing & Availability

The OWC Atlas S Pro™ SD UHS-II V90 SD media card is available now in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities on starting at $49.00

The OWC Atlas Pro™ CFexpress will be available early Q2 2022 in 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities

The OWC Atlas Pro Ultra™ CFexpress will be available early Q2 2022 in 320GB and 640GB capacities

The OWC Atlas FXR will be available in early Q2 2022

OWC Announces Release of SoftRAID 3.0 for Windows

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 10.33.54 AM
New SoftRAID for Windows adds support for RAID 5 volumes

OWC®, the premier zero-emissions Mac and PC technology company, and a respected provider of MemoryExternal DrivesSSDsMac & PC Docking Solutions, Network Attached Storage, and Performance Upgrade Kits, announces the release of SoftRAID 3.0 for Windows. The latest version of its powerful RAID management solution now includes support for RAID 5 on Windows 10 and 11.

SoftRAID 3.0 for Windows enables users to create powerful RAID 0/1/5 solutions for maximum drive capacity, fast data access, and robust data protection. SoftRAID for windows provides faster RAIDs with management and drive monitoring that other Windows utilities fail to provide. SoftRAID’s streamlined interface makes it incredibly easy to set up and manage RAID volumes and provides a level of performance and protection you can’t get with other RAID solutions.

What’s New in SoftRAID 3 for Windows

“SoftRAID for windows provides faster RAIDs with management and drive monitoring that other Windows utilities fail to provide. RAID 5 has been one of the most requested features from our users, so we’re excited to add RAID 5 to SoftRAID for Windows and expand the cross-platform capability SoftRAID,” said Rick Rockhold, Vice President Software Development, Windows & Mobile. “RAID 5 opens up the next level of data protection and access to our Windows customers.”

SoftRAID is ideal for anyone who needs to safely store and backup massive amounts of data, including video editors, audio producers, photographers, and graphic designers.

SoftRAID is ideal for anyone who needs to safely store and backup massive amounts of data, including video editors, audio producers, photographers, and graphic designers.

SoftRAID Highlights:

SoftRAID’s core RAID creation and management technology has been finely tuned over 20 years of development. It’s ideal for voluminous data roles including audio/video production and editing, photography, graphic design, database servers, financial applications, and more. Basically, it is the brain for running, maintaining, and protecting your RAID arrays. 

Pricing & Availability

SoftRAID for Windows 3.0 is a free update for current SoftRAID 2.0 users. To purchase a new license, upgrade from SoftRAID 1.0, or add additional seats to a current SoftRAID license please visit the OWC Software Store ( You can try SoftRAID for FREE with the full featured 14-day trial.

SoftRAID also ships with select OWC enclosures including: ThunderBays, ThunderBlade, Express 4M2, Mercury Elite Pro Quad, Mercury Pro U.2 Dual, and Accelsiors.


SoftRAID 3 for Windows compatible with Windows 10 and 11. SoftRAID is licensed per computer, additional discounted seat purchases are available

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