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November 2022 Photos

How lucky were we to have Frame.io, an Adobe Company back to share more exciting news with us? This time we welcomed back Laura Pursley, product marketing manager and Shawn McDaniel, instructional media specialists to fill us in on their latest news from Adobe Max.

First we looked a little bit at the history of what our workflows have looked like over the past 20 years and then Laura discussed the projection that by 2031 there will be no shuttle drives or removable media. We then had a front row seat to see how camera manufacturers are now beginning to build Camera 2 Cloud right into their devices with a demo by Shawn where his colleague in New Jersey sent him via the built in Camera 2 Cloud capabilities, images and video, live from his Fujifilm camera. It was pretty impressive and all this is almost here! They shared that Red Digital Cinema is expecting to release the beta firmware for their cameras by the end of 2022. Fuijifilm will be coming available in 2023. Laura then discussed the Camera 2 Cloud impact on people and offered that Frame.io will be there to help filmmakers in their cloud journey!

It’s always a treat to have Frame.io, an Adobe Company come and fill us in on their latest as many members of our group historically are early adopters so this helps to keep us on the leading edge!

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