SGO celebrates thirty years of Innovation in the Media & Entertainment industry

SGO, a pioneering post-production software development company, is celebrating three
remarkable decades, defined by innovation, exceptional teamwork, and continuous pursuit of excellence.

Since its inception in October 1993, SGO has remained dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the Media and Entertainment industry. “At SGO, our team stands as our greatest asset, fostering a culture of continuous innovation and growth. Our core R&D team has been by our side since the very beginning, while fresh talents have joined us over the years, bringing new ideas and perspectives to drive our progress,” shared Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO at SGO.

Three decades of remarkable achievements are a testament to the dedicated SGO family, who have powered the company’s success and continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation, adapting to industry changes. Miguel Angel Doncel extends gratitude to every team member and all partners who played a pivotal role in the SGO journey, adding: “Here’s to another era of collaboration, innovation, and shared success.”

SGO’s Powerhouse Mistika Technology entering a new phase

At the core of SGO’s legacy is Mistika Technology, a suite of post-production tools known for effortlessly conquering even the most complex technical challenges. Mistika’s differentiating factor is its unparalleled versatility, enabling the seamless management of diverse media elements simultaneously. Whether working with different resolutions, frame rates, color spaces, 2D, Stereo 3D, HFR, HDR, or 180º/360º content, Mistika excels in handling them all seamlessly.

Over the years, Mistika has evolved in response to market needs. It has transitioned from a turn-key finishing solution to stand-alone software and natively integrated applications that address specific industry requirements. These include Mistika VR, Boutique, and the latest addition, Mistika Workflows.

“As we celebrate this significant milestone, we are entering an exciting new phase. Our latest product, Mistika Workflows, is set to revolutionize post-production processes, enhancing efficiency and simplifying workflows. It’s more than just a tool; it’s the cornerstone of a new era in streamlined content management and deployment pipelines,” emphasized Adrian Gonzalez Diaz, Product Manager at SGO.

Continuous commitment to innovation and excellence

Throughout these three decades, SGO has proudly collaborated with industry professionals, always responsive to their needs and adapting R&D plans accordingly. The company’s unwavering commitment to excellence propels it into the next phase of its journey, with a focus on even more exciting innovations in the years ahead.

Geoff Mills, Managing Director at SGO stated: “I am incredibly proud of the path SGO has paved over these 30 years. Our consistent dedication to technological advancement and adaptability has allowed us to thrive in a rapidly changing industry. This milestone isn’t just a celebration of the past; it’s a testament to our future-focused approach. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and remain committed to exceeding expectations.”

As SGO celebrates this remarkable milestone, it extends gratitude to its dedicated team, valued partners, and loyal clients for their unwavering support.

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