IBC 2023: Adobe unveils powerful new AI and 3D features in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, with enhanced storage capabilities in Frame.io.

As members of the media and broadcast community pack their bags for the 2023 IBC Show, Adobe is proud to announce powerful new AI and 3D innovations across its family of video and audio applications.

With new beta releases across Premiere Pro, After Effects and Frame.io, Adobe’s fast, reliable and intuitive toolset enables seamless collaboration for creative professionals. AI-powered features automate time-intensive tasks so video editors and motion designers can bring their vision to life at the speed of imagination, while dozens of user-requested workflow enhancements improve productivity.

Adobe’s top priority is delivering powerful tools that are designed with the editor in mind. This year, the Adobe Creative Cloud video team spoke with more than 1,000 professional editors to solicit feedback — much of which has been incorporated in today’s release.
New in Premiere Pro (beta)

Premiere Pro adds cutting-edge AI-powered features including Enhance Speech for quicker dialog cleanup, filler word detection and removal in Text-Based Editing, and improved Auto Tone Mapping for more consistent color output. The timeline is now five times faster*, which makes editing, trimming, and just about everything else you do in the Timeline smoother and more responsive.
Enhance Speech

Sometimes you need a little help to improve the overall speech quality in your videos. Whether it’s due to scenarios like aa poorly placed mic, excessive background noise or, low-quality archive footage or any other reason, poor audio can be very difficult to clean up. Enhance Speech uses AI to magically remove background noise and improve the quality of poorly recorded dialogue, making it sound as if it was recorded in a professional studio. You can also use the mix slider to incorporate some of the background noise to make it sound just right.

In addition, the new Audio Category Tagging uses AI to determine which clips contain dialogue, which contain music, and which are sound effects or ambient noise. When each audio clip is selected, the most relevant tools are automatically displayed. Together with Enhance Speech, editors can get valuable time back in their day by achieving professional-level audio quality with just a few clicks.

You can find Enhance Speech and Audio Category Tagging in the Essential Sound panel. Both features process in the background so you can keep working without skipping a beat.

[Read more on the Adobe Blog]

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