July 2023 Photos

July’s meeting was a much anticipated look at AI. We were thrilled to assemble some early adopters to share their expertise and experiences with us and these included Producer, Author, Trainer Jeff Foster and Principal, Strategist, Producer Evo Heyning. Skillfully leading us on the journey of AI exploration was Purrmark Consulting’s Laura Pursley. The discussion began with Laura sharing an AI timeline. It was then acknowledged that some may be concerned about job loss and it was suggested that being more of a generalist rather than a specialist would be best. We had the opportunity to view the trailer for Evo’s breathtaking AI project, “White Mirror” along with Jeff’s fascinating  zoom out project of an Earthglobe. Both really showed to limitless creativity that this technology is unlocking. One of the highlights of our discussion was a mindblowing demo by Jeff of the voice cloning software from ElevenLabs. As we wrapped the session viewers could sense how incredibly inspiring this technology is for our presenters and that feeling was certainly contagious.

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