6P Color’s Full Color Range™ System Premiering at HPA
Revealing Colors Between the Colors

This year’s HPA Tech Retreat saw 6P Color Inc’s debut in the iZone, where visitors were invited to experience the latest advancements in color processing and display technology. For the first time, demonstrations were held of 6P Color’s Full Color Range (FCR™) system, designed to offer an unprecedented viewing experience by providing nearly full spectrum color to displays including monitors, LED walls, and digital projectors.

FCR is an end-to-end color system starting with captured or generated scene data from a camera or CG render. The system processes and transports all captured or created colors to displays using established tools, formats, and standards. Much of the color information processed and transported by the FCR system is beyond the boundaries of traditional RGB color gamuts. To show these colors, displays are being exhibited with primaries beyond RGB. The result is an ultra-wide color gamut offering a new frontier of aesthetic and creative possibility, with applications spanning filmmaking, live production, gaming, and medical imaging.

While standard RGB P3 displays reproduce just 45 percent of visible colors, 6P Color’s 81” demonstration display shows over 75 percent. 6P invites HPA’s discerning attendees to ask questions and offer feedback on these innovations. Attendees will experience content captured by standard cameras and processed via the proprietary FCR Yxy pipeline with the application of an additional Cyan primary. Other color primaries are in lab development.

FCR is already at work. It is currently being used by select colorists in Hollywood with a full creative DaVinci Resolve System employing today’s most accepted workflow and standards. According to top Colorist, Cullen Kelly, “FCR is a game-changer for filmmakers. It provides the ability to reproduce more original scene colors than previously possible, while at the same time offering wider creative possibility in the color grade. Adoption of this system is inevitable: the only question is how well creatives will utilize this exciting new tool.”

Following HPA, a series of screenings, Enabling Digital Color Without Limits will demonstrate this new advance. Contact Rachel Jobin at Rachel@6PColor.com for information about demos, and other details.

For more information visit www.6PColor.com.

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