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Streamline your Media Management with the Latest Integrations in Mistika Workflows: AWS S3, Dropbox, Vimeo and YouTube

Mistika Workflows, SGO’s powerful tool for automated media and metadata management, has received a major upgrade that features new integrations with external applications, including AWS S3, Dropbox, Vimeo and YouTube, as well as additional nodes and advanced new features.

These new enhancements further increase Mistika Workflows’ efficiency, creating fully automated post-production workflows that contribute to a better media and metadata management throughout the post workflow.

Easily organize and share your projects with your audience, team or clients
The latest release includes the ability to automatically upload or download media from Dropbox and AWS S3, as well as the option to upload videos to YouTube and Vimeo. These integrations make it very easy to share your media with your team or clients as part of your automated post-production processing and delivery pipeline. To learn more about how to configure these nodes, check out the tutorials below.

Additional features facilitating Metadata Management
The new version of Mistika Workflows includes several enhancements to handling and manipulating metadata, helping maintain accurate and consistent metadata management throughout the workflow. Users can now filter their inputs, such as a folder, watch folder, or FTP, based on the metadata associated with them or by the file’s lifespan. Metadata can now be added from one universal path to another, ensuring that the media retains its metadata throughout the pipeline.

In addition, a new parameter has been added to the input folders that allows the users to preserve the internal folder structure when transcoding media. This makes it easier to automatically create the corresponding folders in the destination

New features for media modification
Mistika Workflows users can now take advantage of new features for media modification, importantly increasing their control over their projects and facilitating the customization of their post-production workflows.

In addition, users can now modify the size and resolution of their media when transcoding, and they can easily create simple compositions with a background or foreground directly from within Mistika Workflows.

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