April 2022 Photos

We had the amazing opportunity to explore the CG Compositing and the Color Grading workflow of a high-end VR project – Meta’s ‘Quest for Fitness’ thanks to the folks at SGO – Mistika Technology.  We gathered Matthew Celia, co-founder and creative director of Light Sail VR, Jeff Sousa, supervising colorist at Dungeon Beach,  Alex Pearce, partner and senior creative technologist at Light Sail VR, and Carlos Raya senior VFX compositor at Dungeon Beach for a discussion of the remote, bi-coastal workflow they used. We also got a demo of the live color grading session using Mistika inside the Oculus headset. It was very impressive to see how this team leveraged technology to deliver this project including remote collaboration and an app called NDI.VR created by director Matt Celia to allow for the in-headset color grading. Bravo team!

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