February Meeting Photos

We were excited to welcome the Reduct team to present for the first time at LAPPG. Head of Customer Satisfaction, Richard Beeson, presented for the group and demoed how this all-in-one video transcription and editing platform enables the user to turn raw video recordings into concise and compelling narratives that deliver empathy and impact. We saw the two options for transcription – computer and human.

Then Richard showed that by combining video that’s as easy to search and edit as text with a web-based repository to store video content in one shared space, Reduct eliminates the need to wade through endless recordings and allows for easy collaboration. We also saw the simple import process  into Premier Pro.

It was another great meeting topped off by a fun Valentine’s Day gift poll and a great offer from Reduct just for LAPPG members. They are offering our group an extended 30-day free trial including:

-12hr Computer Transcription, 6 Projects, All Reduct Features, and Unlimited Commenters

Click here to take advantage of this trial. This offer expires on March 18, 2022.

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Meet Robert Ochshorn

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Robert Ochshorn, co-founder of Reduct, a collaborative transcript-based

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