When Mary Plummer was demoing at LAPPG last month, “The Power of Fairlight in DaVinci Resolve 17”, she mentioned new training videos were on the way. We’re excited to let you know they are here!

Developed with the help of DaVinci Resolve certified trainers, this seven part series will provide you with the skills you need to edit, mix, record, repair and deliver outstanding audio for your next project. It includes:

1. Introduction to Audio 
This video provides you with an introduction to the Fairlight page before teaching the craft of dialogue editing. You’ll learn how to navigate the Fairlight interface, manage media, change track levels, edit dialogue, balance clip levels and even how to repair dialogue with plugins! 

2. Introduction to Sound Design
Discover the art of sound design and sound effects. You’ll learn how to control clip and track levels, create a spotting list for sound effects and design with markers, sync sound effects in the timeline, use the Sound Library to manage sound effects and even add effects such as reverb and EQ limiting to add depth and dimension to sound!

3. Introduction to Mixing
This video guides you through the critical step of mixing audio. We’ll show you how to pan tracks, sweeten audio with equalization and dynamics, work with buses, add automation to the mix, and finally bounce, mix and pan finished tracks for delivery!

4. Recording VO and ADR
Discover how to record a simple voiceover track and re-record dialogue with automatic dialogue replacement (ADR). You’ll learn how to set up a microphone, patch the microphone input to a track, arm the track and start recording!

5. Working with Audio Track Layers
Learn how to work with audio track layers which are a powerful tool for editing multiple takes together to realize the best performance. You’ll learn how to split and edit together the best takes in a scratch voiceover track and then you’ll use audio track layers to create crossfades between music clips in the same track!

6. Channel Mapping and Linked Groups
Learn how to properly set up your clips and timelines for successful multichannel audio editing through the correct use of channel mapping and linked groups. 

7. Dolby Atmos Integration
In the final video, you’ll work with a professionally produced Dolby Atmos demo project and explore the powerful features built right into the Fairlight page. Then you’ll work with the Fairlight immersive tools to visualize the panning and placement of objects in the surround sound space and create your own Dolby Atmos mix!

To get the most out of these videos, and to follow along with the lessons shown, please download the example project and media from The latest version of DaVinci Resolve 17 can be downloaded for free from

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