October 2021 Photos

We were truly honored that iZotope chose to join LAPPG on the day of launching RX 9  – the industry standard for audio repair – out into the world! Senior Product Marking Manager Ryan Vig shared an informative video giving a great overview of the many updates and upgrades that have been made for RX 9 and introduced talented dialogue editor Dave Bach (Dune, Dunkirk, Argo). Dave then demoed for us three modules, Ambiance Match, De-Hum, and Dialogue Isolate and showed us changes and new features and compared the new version to the old so we could see (and hear!) first hand the difference. Then Ryan and Dave answered many questions from our audience filled with hungry sound pros who have been eagerly awaiting this release!

July 2021 Photos

July’s meeting featured returning presenter, narrative filmmaker and entrepreneur, Noam Kroll, who discussed, Producing a Micro-Budget Feature Film: From Concept

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May 2021 Photos

LAPPG’s May meeting features the panel discussion of “The Unholy”: From Shutdown the Silver Screen. ZEISS announces 4 new focal

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