ZEISS Renews support and upgrades to gold level partner

Longtime LAPPG Partner, ZEISS has renewed and increased their level of support of the group to become a Gold Level Partner! We are so thankful for their generosity and continued support! We are looking forward to continuing to share their world renowned lenses and technology with our community including the ZEISS Supreme Radiance Lenses, which enable cinematographers to create beautiful, consistent and controlled flares in the image while maintaining contrast and avoiding transmission loss.  Plus, they offer all attributes of a modern cinema lens: large-format coverage, high speed, robustness and smooth and reliable focus.

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses are available in eleven focal lengths: 18 mm, 21 mm, 25 mm, 29 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 65 mm, 85 mm, 100 mm and 135 mm – all T1.5.

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