AJA Desktop Software v16.1 Debuts with Apple® M1 Chip Support

AJA Desktop Software v16.1 for KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro products has arrived, bringing users native support for the powerful Apple® M1 chip, among other improvements. The latest update enables post production professionals to harness the power and cost-efficiency of Apple M1 systems for professional video I/O tasks, in addition to existing support for Intel-based systems from Apple, as well as Windows, Linux Ubuntu and Linux CentOS systems.

Via the update, AJA KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro users also gain new options in AJA MultiChannel Config, enabling 12G-/6G-SDI input support as well as extended audio input support for AJA KONA, Io, and T-TAP Pro products with Telestream Wirecast. Furthermore, the included AJA Control Panel now provides additional GUI feedback for situations where “Auto” has resulted in signal modification, allowing creatives and technicians to better understand results.

For more details about the latest release and to download it today, visit: www.aja.com/products/aja-control-room#support

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