Sight, Sound & Story Live – Making it Work: From Editor to Director

When: February 25, 2021
Time: 5PM EST / 2PM PST
Online Admission:  FREE!!

Sight, Sound & Story: Live – Making it Work: From Editor to Director
Moderator: Jeremy Workman (Magical Universe, The World Before Your Feet)
Panelists: Kirsten Johnson, ASC (Dick Johnson is Dead, Cameraperson, CitizenFour) & Nels Bangerter (Dick Johnson is Dead, Cameraperson)

Inside Episode VII:  There can be no more collaborative and intertwined relationship in filmmaking than that between Director and Editor.  In documentary filmmaking this is especially so. Join us for a special conversion with Director Kirsten Johnson and Editor Nels Bangerter as they discuss the creative process of documentary filmmaking within the acclaimed films Dick Johnson Is Dead and Cameraperson; as well as other films.  Creative Director of Wheelhouse Creative and documentary filmmaker Jeremy Workman will help guide the conversation; as well as show examples of Kirsten and Nels work. Jeremy was also an editing collaborator for the dance sequence in Dick Johnson is Dead and edited the trailer for Cameraperson. This is a free online event where attendees will be able to ask questions live!


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