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Trade/Craft is a unique trade school that teaches not just the theory, but the practical, day to day job that you will need to know; everything from the forms you need, the way you talk to other creatives and literally the what-do-I-do-on-day-one questions for the job. Our instructors are not only experts, but they are working in the industry they are teaching as we speak, so they know how it’s done, and can teach you how to do it right.

Add to that our new Placement Portal, and you have a better chance of landing the job of your dreams more quickly. Simply take a class, get Certified by our industry panel, and your resume will be sent directly to a number of great companies who look to hire trained talent just like you! See the list of who is in our Placement Portal now HERE  and check back often. We’re always adding more companies from around the industry who are eager to be a part of Trade/Craft.

Now all they need is you.

LAPPG Members can take advantage of this discount code: LAPPG500 for $500 off their first class!


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