Our friends at the Blackmagic Collective have an excitingl new contest we wanted to tell you about. The concept behind Mic Drop is to pair talented young musicians and filmmakers to create a music video and take their first step into a professional world. Here’s what you need to know:

For High School Musicians:

If you’re a musician or band writing original music, this contest is for you!
They’re looking for you, your original song, and the music video concept to go with it. Winner will be flown to Los Angeles to record their music and appear in their very own music video!

For Film School Students:

If you are in a Southern California-based film program, this contest is for you! Send them some of your work, and a writeup of why you are studying film, and you could be given the resources and mentorship to produce your first professional video!

They are also looking for mentors and in-kind sponsors (services for the shoot) so if this is of interest be sure to contact them!

For details and information visit:

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