June 2019 Photos

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”87″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]An enormous thank you to our friends at ZEISS for making our 11th Anniversary celebration all the more festive by providing a wonderful Mexican food dinner and delicious cake! After our wonderful buffet dinner, Jeffrey Stansfield of Advantage Video Systems and Philip Hodgetts of Lumberjack Systems spoke to the group about the importance of growing your personal brand and gave great examples for their own brands as well as others. It was a fun and informative presentation and was followed up by our delicious anniversary cake and networking. We also had Richard Wright in the house who showcased the latest in connectivity and storage from Other World Computing (OWC) and then we had a presentation from Philip on Lumberjack System’s Builder 2.0. It was fascinating to see how his unique and powerful use of metadata allows editing by using text and keywords. We ended the evening with over $5k in giveaway prizes and some good cheer to take us into the next 11 years!

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