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March 2019’s LAPPG meeting was full of excitement as we had two three fantastic ladies sharing the spotlight for the evening. First up we had Andrea Chlebak, Senior Colorist from Deluxe speak about Color in Narratives. She shared her personal journey into the color space, how color enhances or creates atmosphere and how to add meaning by establishing a palette. She spoke on the process of coming to a final look for a film through color grading and discussed her use of experimentation, intuition and perception as a toolset to determine how cool, dark or saturated to make an image. She also spoke about and how she collaborates with directors and cinematographers to enhance the narrative through color. After the break we welcomed Moderator Monica Daniel who introduced us to “Captain Marvel” editor Debbie Berman and detailed Debbie’s 15 year journey to the US and how she worked her way to becoming one of Hollywood’s exciting new talents and in-demand editors.  Monica and Debbie discussed clips from various films including “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Black Panther”. The audience enjoyed Debbie’s story of how she wore a “Captain Marvel” t-shirt during her work on “Spider-Man: Homecoming” which may have helped send “the powers that be” a subliminal message to hire her for the new film! It was a great evening for women in film, filled with entertaining stories and valuable information and insights.

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