December 12, 2018

Join LAPPG for our last meeting of the year where we think about those in need in our community at our 8th Annual Food Drive.  Plus, we’ll have some holiday treats and the following valuable presentations to send off the year with good cheer! 

Beyond Better Pixels: How HDR Effects Storytelling

As HDR material shows up with greater and greater regularity, there is a need to study the holistic  influence of HDR and wide-color-gamut on storytelling. As a colorist on three first season HDR shows, Rory Gordon has studied the effects of putting brighter and better pixels in the more meaningful context of an entire project. Using this information can help transform these larger color volumes from yet another delivery spec, to a narrative tool. This presentation will use data collected from over 35 episodes of HDR content to break down these psychophysical, perceptual, and emotional impacts.

Rory Gordon is a senior colorist at ArsenalFX Color with a life-long passion for both the science and art of image capture. That passion has taken her from makeshift basement darkrooms in her home state of Oklahoma, to the Munsell color laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, where she earned a BFA in film production, to Hollywood, where she has worked steadily for the last eight years. Gordon has been involved with many shows working on the cutting edge of technology, including pushing the limits of dynamic range with HDR, 4K workflow, and a never ending drive to make all cameras match, flow, and work in service to storytelling.


Streamlining Your Workflow with LaCie


Seagate Technology’s Mark Anderson will discuss ways you can streamline your workflow, from capture to delivery, by making smart choices about your storage systems.  And, along the way, he’ll demonstrate the LaCie‘s latest and greatest products.



8th Annual LAPPG Food Drive

It’s that time of year again where we think about those in the community who may need a little extra helping hand.

Westside Food Bank copy

Please bring non-perishable food items to our meeting and help us fight hunger! All donations will benefit the Westside Food Bank.

**For each item you bring up to the first 10 you will receive a ticket for our very popular monthly giveaway. You are of course welcome to bring as much as you are able to!



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 Send an email to rsvp-at-lappg-dot-com.

As always there will be plenty of time to network, enjoy some coffee and participate in our great giveaway!

$5.00 kindly requested at the door will include 1 giveaway ticket.[/one_half]



Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences

@Roth Hall
1714 21st Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
*There is street parking as well as a Crossroads parking lot on 22nd Street. Please view this map for parking info.

Click here for a map of the location.

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