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There was a plethora of great energy and tons of new members filling our July meeting. It was wonderful having our friends from OWC come visit. AJ Gerth, Thor Juell and Luke Engstrom filled us in on what’s new with their Thunderbolt 3 family. They answered our many questions about speed and compatibility and even spent time showing us a confidential new product they’ve been developing. They also took time to hear our thoughts as they stressed that these products our being built for us, the end user, so as in the past, they really listened to us and will be taking our comments and ideas back to HQ. After the break we had LAPPG’s first every remote presenter, Jessica Sitomer, The Greenlight Coach. Jessica had to head to Florida at the last minute so using Zoom we had her in the room with us where she shared 5 key strategies we should all employ in our networking to get more work. Jessica’s presentation was filled with valuable nuggets of information and she peppered her presentation with fantastically entertaining stories! A big thank you to Jessica for staying up til midnight to present to us! What a great summer meeting for members new and old!

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