PremiumBeat releases their first mobile app, designed to let customers listen to curated tracks on their phones or tablets.

In an effort to help video editors find the right music for their projects while away from their workstations, PremiumBeat has released a new app designed to help customers favorite PremiumBeat tracks and create custom playlists — all from the convenience of their phones or mobile devices.

The PremiumBeat App is available now for iOS devices in the App Store, and for Android devices in the Google Play Store.

PremiumBeat also understands that some video editors may not have the capability to run an internet browser while working with high-resolution media files in their nonlinear editor of choice. The new app lets video editors continue to cut their projects while browsing for music on another device.

Download the app to listen to over 8,500 original and exclusive royalty-free tracks composed by world-class composers. What’s more, the music is copyright clear — meaning it’s ready for use in film, television, video game, and web projects. The simple licensing allows users to quickly download music so they can upload projects immediately to sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

With the app, users can favorite tracks and build playlists. The app syncs with user accounts, so any playlists you build in the app will be waiting for your on your desktop.

Download the PremiumBeat App iOS devices in the App Store, and for Android devices in the Google Play Store.

This is just first in a series of major updates to the PremiumBeat workflow and website. Be sure to stay tuned for more.