October 2017 Photos

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This month’s meeting was full of Halloween spirit as we decorated Roth Hall with pumpkins, bats, spiders and ghosts. We were thrilled to have Zeiss with us sharing their new CP.3 lenses and metadata technology with the group. Sales Manager Snehal Patel delivered a enlightening presentation including a Q & A with VFX specialist, producer, director and Oscar winner Scott E. Anderson. We were blown away by the technology they showed where they removed lens distortion data, did the VFX work and then reintroduced that same data to the final image. This Zeiss technology which is open sourced will revolutionize cinematography for VFX and much more! After our spooky handmade treats we resumed with a fast, furious and funny presentation from LAPPG’s good friend Kevin Good! With the perfect mix of information and entertainment, Kevin took us through 30 workflow tips and cheats in 30 minutes!  There was something for everyone in this presentation, plus we got to find out Kevin makes a mean double caramel macchiato!

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