August 2017 Photos

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August’s meeting was held at Roth Hall and we had quite an enthusiastic group! Everyone was very open and helpful with feedback for the super folks from OWC Digital, Thor Juell and AJ Gerth. We were treated to some sneak peeks of DEC and Viper and got to ask questions and learn how these products could help our workflow. Members were very forth coming with what they would like to see both with these products and others as well as even suggesting some “dream” products they’d like to see on the market.

After the networking break LAPPG’s own Woody Woodhall shared his experience and knowledge from his day job as an award winning rerecording mixer and sound supervisor. He offered the group key techniques for Audio for Documentaries.  Starting with pre production, Woody traced the process all the way through delivery giving ideas and suggestions for how to capture, manipulate edit and deliver the best sound possible. As Woody ended his packed presentation he reminded us all to get plenty of room tone and b-roll audio.

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