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We had two well received presentations on April 22, 2017. The meeting began with a valuable presentation from Derick Rhodes, Vimeo’s Director, Creator Programs and Events where he shared the latest Creator Tools including Vimeo’s support for 360 and the Vimeo Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro as well as the much anticipated schedule for their NAB booth next week. After the networking break Sound & Picture’s managing editor, Kendra Ruczak took to the podium and led a fascinating panel with part of the team from HALON Entertainment. The panel was made up of Clint G. Reagan, Tefft Smith II, and Casey Pyke. They explained the post visualization process, what workflow they used as well as the tools. They showcased some of the amazing projects they worked on including, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, “Logan” and some information about the upcoming film “War for the Planet of the Apes.” This was indeed an amazing opportunity for our members to see this incredible work and learn about the process for creating it.


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