CSS MUSIC Announces New Rollover Download Subscription Plan

CSS music logoCSS Music, a leader in royalty free music (“Lifetime Blanket Licensing”) since 1982 has announced the release of its new Rollover Music Download Plan.  This new approach to royalty free subscriptions will address one of the most often sited “flaws” in plans that use reoccurring monthly credit card charges, the loss of all remaining downloads at the end of each monthly billing cycle.   This 3rd  CSS Bulk Download or Subscription plan will let subscribers keep all remaining downloads at the beginning of a new billing cycle while still adding a fresh batch to the balance.

“We think our customers shouldn’t have to give up anything to subscribe to our library,” says CSS Marketing Director Mike Fuller.  “This new plan recognizes the fact that our clients don’t always have constant activity, especially when they’re in pre-production.  Now they will be able to ‘bank’ their unused downloads and actually build up their balance over time to accommodate larger projects when they occur.

“We also decided that a smaller more affordable subscription rate would be preferable to one with large numbers of downloads and a big monthly price tag,” Fuller continued, “that’s why we selected the relatively modest monthly rate of $69 for 6 downloads.  And if our clients use up their 6 downloads in a given month, they can re-charge and re-set their account to meet the short fall.”

Licensing for the new CSS Music subscription plan is exactly the same as the company’s single track downloads.  CSS also offers 2 other subscription plans, one that counts down pre-paid downloads or one that counts down credits called D.A.W.N. Dollars.  Clients can also download entire CD volumes.  

CSS (www.cssmusic.com) offers 4 music search systems: “Most Popular by Genre” Music Supervisor Playlists, Standard Keywords, User Keywords and Waveform. Once end users complete searches, their selections can be added to Playlists they create. An unlimited number of playlists can be created for various clients or projects. These playlists can be e-mailed to associates or clients across the hall or around the world. Tracks can be downloaded from playlists. Each tune in a search result or playlist can be played in its entirety before final selection. Users can also use a utility that allows a selection to be played at any point in its timeline to more closely identify editing posts and other production values.


About CSS Music:
Established in 1982 in Los Angeles, CA, CSS Music is a royalty-free music company with a library of more than 13,000 tracks. CSS Music provides royalty free music and sound FX for film, video and television producers. CSS is dedicated to working with music supervisors, editors, directors and producers to meet their creative needs. For more information on CSS Music visit http://www.cssmusic.com/.

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