August 2016 Photos

What a great way to end the summer with our annual Summer Celebration complete with our latest installment of our LAPPG Member Showcase! It was so much fun getting to see some of our very talented members’ work. These member showcases are such a wonderful opportunity to have questions answered and to make new connections! We offer Gary Robinson, Michael Livingston, Monica Williams, Ismael Corpas Moreno and LAPPG’s own Woody Woodhall a big thank you for their generosity.

After the showcase we had some ice cream treats and our “Tossing for Tickets” game where we ended up with quite a few winners! Who knew our members were such sharp shooters?

Next we had Elliot Herman join us to demonstrate iZotope RX 5 along with VocalSynth. Using some of his recent work on the show”Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, members got to see how he uses these powerful programs.

Lastly we had our awesome giveaway. We owe a huge thank you to all of our partners for their incredible support and for making our giveaways a great way to end our meetings!





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