cinema_students_classroom__heroThe Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center invites you to attend an exclusive one-day intensive production workshop with Jem Schofield of theC47 featuring the new EOS C300 Mark II digital cinema camera.

In this in-depth session, Jem will dive into planning, lighting, and shooting with the EOS C300 Mark II for real-world productions. Focus will be on setting up and shooting with the camera both in run and gun, small to no crew location and studio based configurations.

This workshop will dig into lighting and shooting HD & 4K productions as well as specifics to the EOS C300 Mark II such as exposure recommendations when shooting log, production to post-production Log and LUT workflows, using the extensive AF features of the EOS C300 Mark II, and other tips and tricks. The EOS C300 Mark II will be a part of the workshop and there will be multiple cameras on hand; so don’t expect lots of presentation slides. This will be a hands-on workshop and the focus will be on giving you the tools and knowledge that will help you be more successful in future projects. While much of it will be up to you, the workshop will go over successful actions and also will include hands-on demonstrations of how to tackle productions to consistently achieve great results.

The workshop will be delivered in a conversational style that will allow Jem to work effectively with the attendees operating as his crew, while still teaching process and craft. Exactly like being on an actual, working set! It will also include an actor for documentary/corporate interview and narrative style lighting set ups.

Target Audience: The workshop is intended for producers, DPs, camera operators and aspiring filmmakers interested in understanding and using the EOS C300 Mark II and other Cinema EOS cameras in production especially in small to no crew scenarios.

Topics Will Include:

*Effectively setting up and working with the EOS C300 Mark II
*Best practices for shooting 4K
*Low-key lighting for documentary, corporate and narrative projects
*How to effectively bounce, block, cut and diffuse light sources
*Camera composition and movement
*Working with actors and blocking scenes
*Soft & hard lighting techniques
*Understanding exposure (waveform monitors, histograms, light meters & charts)
*Log and LUT workflows with Cinema EOS Cameras
*Working with monitor/display LUTs
*Working with the EOS C300 Mark II’s AF features
*Applying LUTs in post

This is a Canon Live Learning Event.

Regular pricing: $125

For special $99 LAPPG pricing for use code: LAPPG

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