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Our first meeting of the year was chock full of entertainment, great energy and enthusiasm. We started the evening with a case study of “Dinner with the Alchemist” from filmmaker Kevin Good who chose the LAPPG as his first audience to share his trailer with. The group was very impressed and loved learning about the incredibly creative process Kevin took with the visual effects for this indie feature. They especially enjoyed the before and afters Kevin showed with the still she found to create backgrounds that were very impressive and which would have been out of the budget for this film. By the end of his presentation, the audience was inspired to find creative resources for their own projects. After the break, Marcelo Lewin, aka DigiMedia Dude “flew” back to the LAPPG to introduce us to the world of Drones. In pure Digimedia Dude style were were taken through a very thorough presentation of what drones we should by, what we need to know about drones, how to fly them and what safety precautions we should take. Members got to give his flight simulator a try and a few lucky ones even got to fly a real one right in our meeting!

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