NEW PRODUCT ALERT – RocketStor 6420 Series

June 2015, Milpitas, CA –For the past 20 years, Highpoint Technologies, Inc. has been dedicated to the design, manufacture and deployment of quality RAID HBA’s and RAID Storage Management Solutions, which are shipped worldwide through our network of Distribution and Reseller Channels. We are proud to introduce our new breed of Professional Grade Rackmount RAID Enclosures – RocketStor 6420 Series; fully loaded with our industry proven Hardware, and Value RAID technology.

RocketStor 6420 Series Rackmount RAID solutions are ideal for Capacity-optimized Storage applications; from cost-effective file servers to professional media libraries, high-density cold data storage, and web-scale archives.
Uncompromised Data Availability and Security
RocketStor 6420 Solutions benefit from HighPoint’s Storage Health Inspector (SHI), which proactively maintains the health of entire storage systems by examining each RAID member for failed sectors. Problem disks can be remapped or repaired on the fly to ensure storage remains accessible. Administrators can initialize or schedule RAID verification sessions to check arrays for parity consistency. If problems are found, the RocketStor6420 will immediately rebuild the array to ensure the integrity of your data, and provide options to adjust rebuild priority in order to optimize performance during the recovery procedure.
Hardware RAID Class solutions benefit from an optional Battery Backup Unit (BBU), which can secure valuable data for up to 72 hours in the event of a power outage or severe system hardware failure.
Robust Design and Modular, Redundant Components Deliver Uncompromised Reliability
The robust, professional grade rackmount enclosures were designed specifically to protect and maintain large RAID configurations in the most high-stress working environments, and ensure data remains online even in the case of hardware failure. Efficient, ultra-quiet cooling-fans and front to rear ventilation work in tandem to keep ambient temperatures in check. The IPC-Grade redundant power supplies and cooling apparatus are modular in design – this allows customers to easily remove and replace faulty components and maximize uptime for the entire storage environment.
Intelligent Enclosure Management
LED’s and configurable audible alarms are provided to quickly notify administrators in the case of a component failure or environmental warning such as power loss or overheating, and work in conjunction with the RocketStor 6420’s RAID Management Suite.
Pricing and Availability

RocketStor 6420 Solutions will be available from HighPoint’s North American Retail and Distribution partners starting in June 2015.
RocketStor 6424TS 16-Bay Turbo RAID Rackmount Enclosure ( w/ PCIe RAID Card) – MSRP: USD$1799.00
RocketStor 6422AS 8-Bay Hardware RAID Rackmount Enclosure ( w/ PCIe RAID Card)- MSRP: USD$1399.00
RocketStor 6422TS 8-Bay Turbo RAID Rackmount Enclosure ( w/ PCIe RAID Card)– MSRP: USD$1199.00
RocketStor 6421VS – 4-Bat Value RAID Rackmount Enclosure ( w/ PCIe RAID Card)– MSRP: USD$549.00

Why Choose HighPoint?

HighPoint was founded in 1995. For the past 20 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves towards the design, manufacture and deployment of quality RAID HBA’s and RAID Storage Management Solutions. Our devoted team of experienced hardware and software engineers bring years of Storage RAID technology expertise to SAS, SATA, Thunderbolt ™ and USB storage and connectivity applications.

HighPoint strives to bring high-performance, quality storage and connectivity solutions to the marketplace at the industry’s best prices. We firmly believe that you do not have to sacrifice performance, versatility or reliability for affordability.

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