June 3rd, 2015

June is our 7th anniversary meeting so come and celebrate with us as we look at both sides of the equation production & post!

HD, 4K and the Future of Production…

Small sensor, large sensor, HD, 2K, UHD, 4K, Log, Raw?

Choosing the right camera is an extremely overwhelming process. There are so many form factors, features and choices that it can make you downright dizzy!

How do I approach lighting for HD & 4K productions with these new digital camera jem_hs2systems?

In this presentation, Jem Schofield will talk about what these choices really mean so that you can walk away understanding what you should be looking for in a camera system and in lighting solutions for modern productions to achieve cinematic results in documentary, corporate and narrative productions.

While it may seem that there are an infinite number of choices, they can be broken down into more simplified categories to help you make the right decisions for your productions.

Jem Schofield is the founder of theC47, an online and offline educational resource focused on teaching the craft of video production and filmmaking (with production based workshops taught throughout the United States and abroad). He is a producer, DP, director & educator and also runs The Filmmaker’s Intensive, a program that focuses on the art & science of documentary & narrative filmmaking.

For the past 19 years his production company has produced projects for an ever expanding client base. Clients include AbelCine, Apple, Inc., Canon U.S.A. Inc., Cineo Lighting, EMI, Manfrotto, Motley Fool, The New York Times, NPR, Quiet Revolution, Scottish Enterprise, TED, Tiffen, Wescott & Zeiss.

For more about Jem & his whereabouts visit theC47.com.

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The Latest from Sony Creative Software

Michael Bryant, Director of Marketing, Sony Creative Software, will demonstrate 2 new MichaelBryant_colorproducts designed to boost your productivity and enhance your production workflow.   Catalyst Production Suite provides tools to ingest, organize, and transcode your media to prepare it for the next stage of production. It also provides a fast, focused editing tool that is aimed at 4K, RAW, and HD production.  We’ll also take a look at the new version of SpectraLayers Pro to discover how you can use this tool to save a shot with bad audio and do a little sound design.

As always there will be plenty of time to network, enjoy some coffee and participate in our great giveaway! $5.00 kindly requested at the door will include 1 giveaway ticket.

Please email rsvp {at} lappg dot com to attend.

[one_half first][box type=”note” icon=”none”] LOCATION

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences
@ Roth Hall
1714 21st Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
[/box][/one_half][one_half]***Street parking is available on 21st and also on Michigan east of 21st Street and in Crossroads’ 22nd Street parking lot (between Michigan and Pennsylvania.)[/one_half]

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