November 20th, 2014 – LDI Las Vegas marks the American debut of the LED Flyer™, Flyer+Person_Side_FlyBallthe first ready-to-go LED boom light kit built to satisfy the stringent demands of camera and lighting professionals shooting video, cine and news production. Manufactured in Denmark by BB&S, this highly portable kit provides for rapid setup soft lighting, especially valuable for fast moving production. Easy to handhold, boom-operator style or fixed to a C-stand, the one-foot by one-foot by 2 ½-inch thick soft-light fixture may be positioned amazingly close to the talent, while facilitating daylight to tungsten color tweaking from 3000°K to 5600°K.

The LED Flyer’s Soft-light Diffusor creates an omni-style light source with even light distribution. The cool-running LED head may be smoothly dimmed from full output down to zero and offers low power draw of just 66W at 100% illumination. A convenient Integrated Beltpack provides handy dials to control variable intensity and color temperature, and easy action push-button control for On/Off and blackout functions while the Flyer light head remains in position on the set. What’s more, it allows a battery to be elegantly interfaced, for total operator mobility without being tethered by cords across the floor or ground. In addition, the LED Flyer can be quickly mounted to a stand for fast interview lighting.

The LED Flyer kit includes a light head, diffusor, diffusor skirts, AC power supply, AC cord, DC cord, integrated Beltpack for remote control, battery plate for V-Lock batteries, as well as a molded case. An optional Gold Mount battery plate is available. Surprisingly lightweight (the head weighs just 1kg / 2.2 lbs), the entire system, with room for a bevy of accessories, drops into the rugged case.

The LED Flyer comes with a two-year warranty. For more information visit: or email: For more information in the Americas go to: or email:

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