August 13th, 2014 Meeting

The Actor’s Editor

As editors,ADA not only do we have story structure and script as tools, but we also have the actors themselves. If actors are well-trained we can learn a lot from their performance in what and where to cut. If they are not great at what they do, we need to know what and where to cut to make the story strong even with their unfortunate performance. Drawing from experience as both an actor and cutter and stealing from great editor’s such as Walter Murch, Assistant Professor Aaron Daniel Annas of Vanguard University will host a discussion on how we can continually be better in pacing, structure, and story simply by focusing on the job and skill of the actor.

Defining Loudness – Tracking Audio Levels for Delivery

Woody WoodhallWith the help of iZotope’s Insight Metering Plug-In, LAPPG Co-Founder Woody Woodhall will detail the various loudness measurements required for proper final delivery.  Insight allows for simple peak metering to complex spectrogram metering or CALM compliance metering with a timeline that indicates where and when potential problems arise in the mix.  This tool is essential for video editors as well as audio engineers to visually monitor the loudness levels in their delivered digital content.

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As always there will be plenty of time to network, enjoy some coffee and participate in our great giveaway! $5.00 kindly requested at the door will include 1 giveaway ticket.
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March 10, 2021

TNT’s The Alienist Color Grading and Finishing Workflow with Juan Cabrera  Join colorist and founder of LightBender, Juan Cabrera, CSI

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