September 25th, 2013 Meeting

Our big DV Expo meeting was a full house. New and old members alike met at the LA Convention Center’s 2nd floor for three really inspiring presentations.

First, Shutterstock’s Director of Video Acquisition, Tom Spota, shared information on how we can all become contributors to Shutterstock and make money selling our footage. He showed us how the business of stock footage has changed and what new opportunities have been created.  Tom told us what content is in demand and gave us some shooting strategies as well as what we need to know to get started in the stock footage business.


Next we had longtime LAPPG friend, Dave Basulto come and showcase his brand new product, iOgrapher which transforms an iPad into a filmmaking camera. He shared how his inspiration was born out of the classroom where he said his high school filmmaking students needing to find affordable solutions for them to be able to have steady cameras to shoot projects. Dave brought the new product for us to hold and everyone wanted to get their hands on one! He created mounting for lights, microphones and other accessories and the iOgrapher offers handles as well as a tri-pod mount. People were genuinely moved by this teacher’s vision and ingenuity.


And lastly, we had Jon Favreau’s go-to editor Dan Lebental, ACE (Elf, Iron Man I & II) come and update the status of his iPad editor, TouchEdit. With new audio capabilities as well some interface updates Dan showed us some top secret footage he edited on this app. Dan, like Dave is committed to putting this amazing app into the hands of everyone especially youth so he is creating a lite version as well as adding additional features on the more robust full version.



August 11, 2021

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