November 2013


We are thrilled to welcome Take 1 Transcription as our newest partner. We thank them for their support and look forward to sharing their services with the group. Take 1 is proud to be the trusted provider of transcription, captioning and translation services to all the major production companies, subtitling, studios and networks in the UK and the USA.

They have the capacity to handle your projects and they always deliver on time and on budget. They are very passionate about transcription.

Take 1 really understands workflow and they have innovative solutions that position them as a seamless extension of your in-house resource.

They process over 50,000 hours of content per year for their clients.

Send them your video content and they will deliver you meaningful metadata in the form of transcriptions, logs, translations and caption files. Ideal for creating Stringouts, helping your Editor understand Japanese, fulfilling network delivery requirements or improving SEO of your online video content.


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