October 10th, 2012 Meeting

Members got a soup to nuts look at all the amazing products MOTU is producing both on the audio and video side. In addition to MOTU Western Sales Manager Matt LaPoint showing us MOTU’s latest award-winning audio and video interfaces, he demoed some music on Digital Performer 8 audio workstation software, and virtual instruments. He took a moment to introduce us to the power of MOTU’s flagship sampler – Mach 5. Using this very sophisticated technology, Matt showed how sound could be transformed at the turn of a knob. We were all impressed with the quality and technology of the MOTU hardware and software products.

To finish off his presentation, Matt introduced us to Shahriar Rahman, a writer, director, editor who he met at an LAPPG meeting a few months prior and Shah showcased a short he had asked Matt to compose music for entitled “Dream of a Resident Tourist.” This short became a finalist at the “On Location:The Los Angeles Video Project,” a contest enlisting filmmakers throughout the Los Angeles community to act and serve as Ambassadors of LA and share what these artists call their LA; an insider perspective into this diverse, cosmopolitan city and its neighborhoods. The visuals, editing, voiceover and music were fantastic and we wish both Shah and Matt the best at the upcoming premiere where it will be screened.

Please click here for tickets and information for this event.

After a networking break we continued the LAPPG Member Showcase with 3 very different projects, a trailer and outtakes from a short documentary, a 3D/4D marriage proposal and a music video.

First up we had LAPPG member Howard Flaer share his project, “Earth Needs More Comedians,” which documents a comedy class given at West Los Angeles College. Howard talked about the genesis of the documentary and showed us the trailer. He also shared a funny outtakes reel where he was foiled in his attempts to tape interviews with his subjects. Among the many challenges was major construction happening during the filming. Most compelling was Howard’s honesty at how difficult and challenging creating a project that seemed relatively easy at the outset can be. Howard’s project received some excellent feedback from the membership.


Next up was LAPPG Member and Presenter Michael Kammes who stepped away from the Powerpoint and shared with us one of his creative endeavors. A few weeks prior, Kammes had created a 3D marriage proposal video which he showed to his then girlfriend (now fiancée). He played the video on a 3D TV screen and while she watched the show with special glasses – he made it “4D” by adding real life elements such as a a fan for wind, a spritz bottle for rain, etc. He recorded the whole proposal on video. The videos certainly garnered lots of laughter as well as lots of questions on how the 3D was created including what platform he used (Avid Media Composer 6.0) – so I guess you can never truly get Michael Kammes away from the technical! We wish Michael and his bride-to-be, Kate, much happiness together!


And rounding out the evening was longtime LAPPG member and editor Greg Hobson, who shared a music video, “The Sun” by Steph Gold. This video including a 2 minute preamble called for some serious technical and creative editing skills as it featured a very unique performance artist with specific requirements and demands. Many questions were asked of Greg on the technical side but one of the moments that garnered the most gasps and questions was when the artist ate a live scorpion, which apparently is part of this artist’s act. This video has received over a million views on YouTube and can be viewed here:





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