September 12th, 2012 Meeting

The Art of Music Founder Peter Petro joined us to share his knowledge on music supervision and scoring approaches.  This was a great opportunity to learn about the musical side of filmmaking and many attendees had their questions answered.

Petro builds original scores and selects and licenses music tracks for award-winning independent features and documentaries. He’s collaborated with thousands of indie bands, composers and audio professionals and creates soundtracks that stand up to the competition at festivals and commercially. He also produces The Art of Music series in Santa Monica, which showcases niche music styles for scoring and placement.

Click here for a visual of Peter’s presentation.

Peter’s “The Art of Music” website.


Then FCP guru Larry Jordan took the stage shared with us one of the exciting features in Final Cut Pro X,  multicam editing. FCP 7 set the standard for multicam editing – and FCP X took it to an entirely new level. We learned how it worked, what it does differently than other software, and how to integrate double-system audio and still images into your multicam editing.

Larry also talked about Apple and Final Cut Pro X as well as how we are editors vs. FCP editors. As always, Larry made sone very interesting points!

Visit Larry’s website at


We gave away over $4300 worth of prizes including (2) full 3-day passes to the LA Post Production Conference taking place September 19-21st.


We graciously offer Larry and Peter a huge thank you for taking time to share their experience and knowledge with us!

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