JULY 2011


If you need some tight, short comedy on your reel, come play with the fun people at BrevityTV!

They are a collective of videomakers who believe they can be much more than the sum of our parts through community. They produce comedy regularly, because they believe that to get better at something you have to keep doing it. Their goals are to hone our craft, gain experience, and build web sites that bring exposure for the whole team. They have actors, producers, directors, composers, editors, and shooters as part of their membership, who turn their writers’ work into the material at brevityTV.com. and beyond.brevityTV.com. No one in the group makes any money, at present. They’re working on changing that situation, but if your motivation is cash, it’s probably best to look elsewhere. However, if you want to have a lot of fun with people dedicated to careers in the entertainment industry–hell or high water–read on.

There are no dues involved. Your price of admission is attending a required meeting every two months. You will be asked to complete a homework assignment every two months to help with promotion. You are also expected to communicate reliably, to hit all your project deadlines, and to have learned all the play-with-others skills required to graduate kindergarten.

See more information at www.brevitytv.com/seeking

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