Final Cut Pro 7 Advanced Editing – By Michael Wohl

Reviewed By: Jay Miracle

fcp7review-121x150I’m constantly having to relearn the concept that you cannot always tell a book by its cover.

When I took a look at the cover of this “Final Cut Pro 7 Advanced Editing” book, part of the Apple Pro Training Series, I always thought it would be a bit dry and geeky for me. It had that classic appearance of one of my lovely high school textbooks – and I often struggled to keep awake perusing those.

But I recently read and worked through this excellent Final Cut Advanced Editing manual, and was extremely pleased at the new and fundamental knowledge I acquired by following the program and the accompanying DVD.

The Apple Pro Training series is much more accessible to an Editor than I had imagined.

Although I have been editing in Final Cut for over six years, I never took a formal training course, and this book really helped to sharpen a lot of my skills as well as re-educate me to some basics I must have learned incorrectly along the way.

Each section addresses important segments for a skilled-editor’s toolbox: from basic Editing Techniques, to Workflow, Mastering Video Filters and Effects, Understanding Nesting Sequences (I’ve stumbled through this countless times), to the essentials of Working with Speed Changes, Finishing Techniques, and the ever-growing RED tsunami.

I’ve had a lot of misconceptions and misunderstanding regarding almost all these areas, but what really helped me was the great DVD of projects and exercises that accompanies each chapter. And a really fun part of the book that I sorely missed in high school was the Answers to all the Lesson Review Questions at the end of each chapter.

I worked through this slowly and methodically, and I got a tremendous amount of new information as well as some new editing chops.

Some day I’m hoping I might draw somewhat closer to the 15 year skill-set my shiny new Assistant has had ingrained in his brain since he was 5 years old.

For the rest of us, this book is a blessing.

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