April 11, 2012 Meeting

Sound Design for Digital Filmmakers Webinar LIVE from the LAPPG

It was an exciting first this this month for both the LAPPG & FilmmakingWebinars.com when we went LIVE across the Internet with a valuable webinar on Audio for Digital Filmmakers presented by LAPPG’s own Woody Woodhall, CAS. It was a particularly fun night as the attendees really got into the spirit of being LIVE and cheering every time Marcelo announced the “LAPPG.”

Woody designed this webinar to assist digital filmmakers in better understanding how stories are told with sound and how the manipulation of sound elements create tension and mood, time and space. He also spoke about layers, using pads and drones to create mood, how to effect emotions with reverberation and digital processing and how to shape the story with the use of sound.

It was a great opportunity to share the LAPPG with the rest of the world and a huge thanks to Marcelo Lewin for choosing us to be his first LIVE webinar!




August 11, 2021

Hybrid Production Workflows for 2021 and Beyond The pandemic may have accelerated remote and hybrid workflow adoption, but this trend

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