July 14th, 2010 Meeting

We will have two great presentations for July’s meeting.

Final Cut Pro “Guru” Larry Jordan, one of our favorite presenters, is bringing a hard disk filled with favorite Final Cut Pro plug-ins, filters, and software such as PluralEyes, Beauty Box, Magic Bullet Looks & QuickLooks, Mocha and PhotoMotion. Larry’s got secrets and solutions that will “wow” you!

And JMR Electronics will demonstrate how the BlueStor DigiLab™ Video Server allows the user to manipulate 3D footage in a real-time environment and make stereoscopic video production a nearly effortless process. See first-hand how the DigiLab™ has changed the production and post production landscape from ingesting and transcoding RAW footage, to viewing and making real-time adjustments, to convergence and first light color correction, all “on set.”

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Meet Benjamin Voelker

It’s not everyday that we get to speak with a physicist and discuss his work

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