March 10th, 2010 Meeting

Gary Epstein of Dolby was on-hand to demystify Dolby Digital encoding for us. He spoke about the FCC regulation on loudness, typical recording levels and how Dolby is really good at understanding what the human ear hears.  He discussed encoding Dolby for DVD and metering your content for delivery to your client’s specifications – specifically focusing on dialnorm values. He also talked about the various Dolby disc and broadcast based solutions available today. He showed us many of their products including the Dolby LM100, Dolby E and Dolby Optimizer.  Thank you for making it all so much clearer! To find out more, check out the Dolby website

Then the lovely Sophie Malten flew in from London to introduce the American audience and us our members to Farmers Wife to help us with our scheduling and facility management responsibilities. She showed us how this powerful and sophisticated scheduling and business management tool handles projects, bookings, cost tracking, time tracking, invoicing and financial reports in the context of the post production world. She also showed us how this software handles a media library (vault), labeling and dispatching and how it can help us increase productivity and streamline our workflow. It’s nice to have everything in one place! For more information visit

Congrats to Stuart Ferreyra for winning the big prize of the evening, a full Farmers WIFE software system And thank you to all our amazing sponsors for allowing us to giveaway over $13,000 worth of prizes.

August 11, 2021

Hybrid Production Workflows for 2021 and Beyond The pandemic may have accelerated remote and hybrid workflow adoption, but this trend

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