January 13th, 2010

Adobe expert, Jacob Rosenberg, Director & CTO of Bandito Brothers, presented on the process and post workflow for the “Untitled Navy SEALs” feature film that his company, Bandito Brothers, is producing and releasing later this year.  The footage was truly amazing as they utilized authentic Navy SEALs personnel as performers.  Jacob showed how the Canon 5D Mark II allowed for many different hard to get shots.  His crew created many unique rigs to capture footage including helmet mounted and motorcycle mounted rigs.  With a combination of Canon 5D Mark II, 35mm Film and various HD formats the final edit will be turned into a Digital Intermediate which will be filmed out for theatrical release.

Jacob discussed at length his workflow utilizing both Avid and Adobe software and he shared his extensive experience with the Canon 5D Mark II which he believes is a game changer for digital acquisition.  He also demonstrated the power of Adobe Premiere Pro for its ease in accepting all of the different formats used within his project.   He showed how Adobe Premiere Pro knew the difference between all of the media, from Red footage to P2 card footage, even though each captures and stores information using different file structures and formatting hierarchies.  Premiere Pro was able to decipher the different formats and display the different media clips and immediately access the media.

Visit www.banditobrothers.com to read more about Jacob’s background and to see Bandito Brothers’ work.

August 11, 2021

Hybrid Production Workflows for 2021 and Beyond The pandemic may have accelerated remote and hybrid workflow adoption, but this trend

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