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"It’s great to be part of LAPPG. It’s the most supportive, information rich, and fun group that I belong to. The speakers are state of the art and anywhere else you would pay big bucks to attend their seminars. Woody’s humor keeps me chuckling all night long. In fact I have such a good time, that I recently moved just one block away so that I can walk to the events. I rarely leave without a door prize. What’s not to like? Keep up the good work!”
Bruce Logan, ASC - Director, Producer, Director of Photography
"The Los Angeles Post Production Group is more than just a monthly meeting of production and post professionals. It’s a classroom, network, laboratory and most importantly, a community where people of all backgrounds, experience levels and disciplines can gather to share ideas, learn and work together to enrich the production and post industry. Blackmagic Design is honored to work with the Los Angeles Post Production Group."
Dan May | President, Blackmagic Design
"I am a closet tech geek but have always been wary of owning my own editing equipment. But after attending my first LAPPG meeting where Avid demoed the Media Composer 5 with all the bells and whistles, I made the leap. I have become a big fan of the LAPPG and attend when work and life allow me. I have even won the raffle twice in one night!!”
Danny Cahn - President, Motion Picture Editors Guild, Editor, Director
"Working with LAPPG has enabled the HP Z Workstations team to interact with film and TV creative professionals on a more intimate level than ever before. HP has benefited greatly from the feedback received from LAPPG members on the designs of our latest Z Workstations and Z Performance Displays. HP’s products are increasingly being fine-tuned to meet the needs of film and TV creative pros, with features important to these customers such as Thunderbolt support and HP DreamColor color critical displays. We can thank members of the LAPPG for contributing their design input to help make these features a reality."
Ray Gilmartin | WW Marketing Manager, Media & Entertainment, Workstations | Hewlett-Packard Company

”I've been coming to these monthly meetings from the very beginning and over the years I've found that it's a great place for networking, exchanging information, and - most importantly - laughing at Woody's jokes."
Jay Miracle - Director, Producer, Writer
"In the four years ProductionHUB has worked with LAPPG, we’ve built a strong partnership benefiting the production community in so many ways. From their members finding work on our job board to partnering on workshops, together we’ve been able to give the community more than we could have individually. Wendy and Woody are always such pleasures to work with and they continue to prove that LAPPG is an asset to the industry."
Katrina Diamond | Director of Marketing, ProductionHUB
"I have been attending these meetings on and off for some years now. I always come away with new information on the post production world and answers to questions I didn't even know I had. What I find is that I may not be "interested" in the speakers for a meeting but once I've heard what they have to say, I discover that the information is either directly applicable to my current projects or food for thought for my upcoming projects. It's also a very supportive and friendly group, so a great excuse to get out and do something."

Megan Oldfield - Editor
"The thing I like most about LAPPG is the real people. The attitude of every meeting is friendly and sincere; no game playing. Wendy and Woody promote that atmosphere. I can only imagine how much time and effort is put into arranging the venue and getting the presenters for each month's meeting. The quality shows, and those who attend appreciate it."
Ed Golya, CAS | Supervising Sound Editor, Re-recording Mixer