September 29th, 2010 Meeting

We were “All About Audio” at our 2nd Annual DV Expo meeting. It was great to see so many new members! Before we got into the presentations for the evening we began the meeting with a short introduction from Tery Williams, Field Engineer from AJA Video Systems. He brought us up to date with the newest releases just announced at IBC: Ki Pro Mini, Kona 3G, Hi5-3D.

Then Dr. Fred Ginsburg, CAS, a highly experienced production sound mixer with over two decades of professional filmmaking experience and Adjunct Professor Production Faculty at CSUN shared his knowledge and expertise on the production audio side of things. He covered various microphones, booming techniques, and working on set. Members asked questions about recording techniques and recording formats. His website is an excellent resource for articles, information, equipment reviews, techniques, and educational opportunities on production sound recording for motion pictures, video & film.

Following his presentation we had Woody Woodhall, CAS, award winning sound designer and re-recording mixer, president of Allied Post Audio, author of Audio Production and Postproduction, and co-founder of the Los Angeles Post Production Group take us through the entire post production audio process including Foley, music, dialog editing, mixing. He reminded us of the essential requirement of room tone as well as the importance of recording on set as many of the unique sounds during production as possible.

His blog is full of reviews, rants, raves, how-to’s and interviews with filmmakers and audio experts.

All the information provided can be found in his book called Audio Production and Postproduction.