November 14, 2012 Meeting

HP Alternatives & Selling Your Movie Without the Middle-Man

November 14th’s meeting was filled with tons of new members, many of who we met at Createasphere’s Entertainment Technology Expo, DV Expo,’s Grand Opening and Hollywood DI’s Collaborative Workflow Event. It was an awesome turnout and the networking was definitely in high gear.

First up we had Terry Brown from HP who was joined by David Roth Weiss of ProMAX to show us HP’s powerful alternatives for film and video professionals.

Members were all ears (and eyes) as we’re all all aware of the uncertain future of tower computing so it was a great opportunity to see some of the other valuable tools on the market. Terry skillfully and thoroughly showed us the amazing design work that has gone into all of HP’s hardware.

We saw the HP Z1, the most powerful all-in-one flat panel in the world, the HP EliteBook Series, the unique portable workstation featuring 10-Bit Color Critical DreamColor displays as well as the DreamColor LP2480zx Professional Monitor.

The “Wow” factor came when Terry showed us how quickly and easily these machines could be opened and and modified without tools. We also learned how the design was inspired by automotive and industrial design leader BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

HP seems to be listening to what people are looking by adding Thunderbolt and other details in the upcoming machines. A big thank you to HP, Terry and David for showing us these alternatives.


HP’s Website


After our networking break we had Jason Brubaker, Hollywood based Independent Motion Picture Producer and an expert in Video On Demand distribution share his knowledge of the industry as it stand now. He showed us how things have changed from the traditional distribution channels and shared lots of insights and tips for what we need to do to successfully get our films into the market. He showed us key features for a successful website as well as various tools such as,,, to help us along the way. This was a fun interactive presentation including a surprise book away to a member who answered one of this questions. Thank you to Jason for sharing your valuable ideas with us.


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