July 13th, 2011 Meeting

Due to a last minute emergency, presenter Steven Roselle was unable to attend so courtesy of Motion Media we were lucky enough to have Application Engineer Mark Schoennagel step in at the last minute for eye opening demonstrations of some of the added tools found in the new Autodesk Premium Creation Suite that should be considered in every modern VFX production pipeline.

He showed us Softimage’s ‘one-click’ to Maya workflow via ICE. We also had a look at ICE effects, as well as the simply stunning Lagoa’s multi-physics engine – which could be the single greatest reason to ever own a 3D workstation! Many jaws around the room dropped as he shared these amazing effects and animations.

Then Metadata Guru, Philip Hodgetts returned to explain how Final Cut Pro X uses metadata and how to use the metadata to better manage your projects and their media. Final Cut Pro X is built entirely on metadata for media management unlike Final Cut Pro 7 and earlier.