January 8th, 2014 Meeting

Our January 8th meeting was held for the first time in Roth Hall at Crossroads School in Santa Monica. It was a cozy evening with a packed house and a great way to start the new year!

We welcomed LAPPG member Von Thomas who is a DIT, photographer, cinematographer and digital capture expert. He shared his background with us and then launched into some very valuable information on what a Digital Image Technician does and why you would use one. He discussed the proper use of LiveGrade and why to use it, why to use the gray card in digital cinema for easy one light color correction, primary color correction, synching audio and the basics of back up and checksum software along with final delivery. Members besieged Von with a lot of important questions about the DIT process.

During break time people networked, grabbed some coffee and homemade baked goods and gathered around a couple of new Mac Pros that Advantage Video Systems’ Jeffrey Stansfield brought for us to display.

Next, we were joined once again by Career Coach Shawn Tolleson of Strategy Coaching as she returned to show us the practical tools that we we need to be unstoppable in our career. This included creating a crystal clear vision, a strategic plan, a supportive team, a powerful execution of the plan and overcoming obstacles to get back into effective action. Shawn worked with two LAPPG members up front at a white board to create crystal clear visions and she gave everyone in the audience a handout for us all to work on creating crystal clear visions of our own. This was a very inspiring and motivating presentation to help us all make 2014 our most successful yet!


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