Meet Juliane Grosso

Get ready to meet Juliane Grosso, co-founder and CEO of Cine Gear Expo, the premier event for the technology, entertainment and media industry now in its 27th year. In this interview you’ll learn about how this legendary event got started, their key relationship with Paramount Studios, and  what you can expect at this year’s LA event from June 1-4, 2023.

Cine Gear Expo's Juliane Grosso.

Los Angeles Post Production Group: How did Cine Gear Expo first get started?
Juliane Grosso: I’m excited to tell you about an event that’s really close to my heart. Cine Gear Expo is an annual gathering for all the incredible professionals in the film and entertainment industry. The first one happened way back in 1996, when my late husband and co-founder Karl Kresser and I were working with Otto Nemenz. We officially incorporated it as Cine Gear Expo in 1998. Our first expo was held at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California, and it featured just six exhibitors. But wow, have we grown since then! Now we attract over 300 exhibitors and thousands of attendees from all over the world. It’s become an amazing hub of education and collaboration, dedicated to the art and technology of filmmaking. We hold it every year in Los Angeles, California, and we’ve even expanded to include events in other locations like Atlanta and New York.

Cine Gear Expo in the heart of Hollywood, CA.

LAPPG: For years, the show has been at the Paramount backlot and then went to the LA Convention Center.  Are you excited about returning to Paramount this year?

JG: Cine Gear Expo and Paramount Studios have a long-standing partnership that dates back to the early years of the expo. The partnership between Cine Gear Expo and Paramount Studios has been a mutually beneficial one. It has helped to cement the show’s reputation as a must-attend event for anyone involved in film and video production. Paramount Studios, on the other hand, benefits from the exposure and publicity that comes with hosting such a large and prestigious event on their lot. The expo provides an opportunity for industry professionals to see the latest technology and equipment in action, while also providing a platform for companies to showcase their products to potential customers. We are very excited to be back at our favorite location.

Attendees arrive at Paramount Studios for Cine Gear Expo.

LAPPG: How will this year be different from last year?

JG: Our exhibit space grew to FIVE areas which currently includes indoor locations on three stages with more adding on and outdoor exhibits which take place on the beautiful NY Streets and the B Tank at the gateway to NY Streets. We have several new exhibitors, higher attendance, several groundbreaking equipment announcements, and a packed seminar program to take place during the expo. 

Some of the hundreds of exhibitors at Cine Gear Expo.

LAPPG: What are you most looking forward to for Cine Gear Expo LA 2023?

JG: Cine Gear has a unique vibe and DNA. There is no other show where you have so many production professionals in the same place at the same time – even people who are working come after their shift. We anticipate a greater turnout than ever before and have already seen an increase in the number of exhibitors. Additionally, we are excited about the educational and festival features of this year’s event, including brand-new premier seminars as well as our annual masterclass and the student film competition. And of course, we always look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Kimberly Gomez, Juliane Grosso, and Amy Vincent, ASC

LAPPG: How has the show changed from how it was pre-pandemic?

JG: The show has expanded in all areas. The LA event is expected to be bigger than ever; we have continued our annual show in Atlanta and most recently returned to NY with a successful show and great reviews. The festival side is certainly going to expand going forward, and thanks to our On-Air events, where we host webinars and live event recordings, we are looking to attract a completely different group of people from the production side; film buyers, executive producers, and production companies.  

A full slate of seminars and screenings take place at The Sherry Lansing Theatre.

LAPPG: It sounds like you added a day to the schedule this year. Can you tell us why and how the schedule will be different this year?

JG: After careful consideration and feedback from exhibitors and attendees we decided to go back to a 2-day exhibit event for 2023 and will address adding another scheduled exhibit day in 2024.

Cine Gear Expo attendees outside the Paramount Theater.

LAPPG: Can you tell us about some of the Masterclass highlights for this year?

JG: Sure! Every year, we offer master classes on specific industry skills and highlights current technological advancements. As virtual production continues to rapidly evolve, filmmakers are discovering new ways to create cinematic virtual scenes with greater creative control and on-set collaboration. Given the significance of this emerging field of production, Cine Gear Expo has decided to introduce a new master class focused on virtual production. This will premiere alongside the annual and always in-demand lighting master class, which is taught by top experts in the industry. This new addition is expected to generate significant interest and provide valuable insights into this exciting new area of filmmaking. Be sure to visit our website for most up to date information and schedule of the 2023 educational program. 

Cine Gear Expo Masterclass programming.

LAPPG: What type of companies are we going to be seeing this year? 

JG: CineGear Expo offers artists and technicians the opportunity to discover state-of–the-art technology and techniques including content capture hardware, workflow software, support equipment, and the processes. Latest and greatest tech has always been our main theme for all our shows. As always, the show will feature wide range of exhibits and demonstrations of the technology and equipment for cinematography, lighting and sound, including ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon, Sony, Cooke, Zeiss, Duclos, Brompton Technology, Planar, Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Cinemoves, Astera, Aputure, Kinoflo, MBS, Warner Bros, NBC Universal and many more. 

LAPPG: What would surprise people that they may not know in terms of the work you do to put a show this big on?

JG: One of the most unexpected things may be my level of involvement in every aspect of the show, as well as the size of our team. Despite having a compact team to run the show, we have managed to consistently make it larger and more impressive each year. We take care to preserve the show’s history and ambiance by paying attention to every detail, while also continually evolving and improving with each event. 

Peter Anderson, ASC, LAPPG Member Bruce Logan, ASC, and Zoran Perisic

LAPPG: With shows also now in Atlanta and NYC, do you plan to expand beyond these markets?

JG: We are always open and on the look for opportunities around the world and are proud that Cine Gear Expo has grown to become one of the largest and most important events for film and video professionals and is known worldwide.

Cine Gear Expo attendees outside Stage 6.

LAPPG: What do you want people to know who will be coming to the Expo this year?
JG: Cine Gear Expo is all about in-person networking, and reconnection with colleagues and friends from across the world. Attendees get hands-on training, gain knowledge and skills from world technology leaders, and network with peers all within a professional and comfortable studio environment with food and drinks at hand.

LAPPG: Where can folks go to register and learn more?

JG: On our website:

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