September 2021 Photos

It was very exciting having Misha Tenebaum back at LAPPG for a third time. This time he shared his impressive new online learning-by-doing approach to video literacy and learning editing skills. In the session we explored continuity and the motivated cut thorough a series of challenges where we were able to get feedback on our editing choices. Attendees gave very positive feedback to this learning approach and were invited to sign up at for free to take advantage of the basic film editing course.  Misha also explained there is an Advanced Film Editing Workshop with Stephen Mark, ACE that people can purchase which is currently running at a 50% discount. 


July 2021 Photos

July’s meeting featured returning presenter, narrative filmmaker and entrepreneur, Noam Kroll, who discussed, Producing a Micro-Budget Feature Film: From Concept

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May 2021 Photos

LAPPG’s May meeting features the panel discussion of “The Unholy”: From Shutdown the Silver Screen. ZEISS announces 4 new focal

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