September 9, 2021

EditMentor Presents: The Motivated Cut

Cutting may appear to be the most basic task an editor has to do, but deciding precisely where to place the cut is a specialized skill. All filmmakers focus on intentional and invisible cuts to ensure continuity.

In this session, you’ll review some of the Rules of Continuity using EditMentor, a unique online teaching system. We will review how to:

Screenshot from EditMentor

Plus, you will get an inside look at the revolutionary tool that is teaching students the Art of Storytelling. EditMentor features a learn-by-doing approach with challenges and instant feedback. 

All attendees will receive a login to EditMentor to try it out after the session.

About Misha Tenenbaum

After years of working in post-production and teaching editing software, Misha built EditStock to make independent films available to students for learning the craft of editing.

Misha’s latest project, EditMentor, completely reimagines how editing education should be taught. Through hands-on, browser based lessons, EditMentor puts storytelling back at the center of video editing education. 

Misha supports and promotes visual literacy as the third basic tenet that includes reading and writing. “Visual storytelling has become a must-have skill for the 21st century. My work will support the education and advancement of this vital expertise.”

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